my schedule



Friday 5-Sunday 7 Singapore Training
Monday 8th, Ongoing Men’s Group
Saturday 13-Sunday 14, Istanbul Training
Tuesday 16-Wednesday 17 Private Sessions, London
Thursday 18th Personal Work Group, London
19-21, London Training Module 1
Saturday 27-Sunday 28, Who am I? Understanding Identity and Trauma, open workshop.
29th & 30th – Private Sessions


Monday 12th, Ongoing Men’s Group
Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15, Private Sessions, London
Friday 23-Sunday 25, Love, Sex & Relationship Open Workshop, Berlin. For more information contact Cristina Common.
Tuesday 27-Wednesday 28, Private Sessions, London


Thursday 1st – Support Group, London
Friday 2 – Sunday 4, London Training Module 2
Friday 9-Saturday 10, Utrecht Supervision Group
Monday 12th, Ongoing Men’s Group
13 & 14 – Private Sessions
Saturday 24-Sunday 25, Istanbul Training


Monday 9th, Ongoing Men’s Group
Tuesday 10-Sunday 15, Advanced Individual Work Event, London
Tuesday 24-Wednesday 25, Private Sessions, London
Thursday 26th, Ongoing Student Support Group, London
Friday 27-Sunday 29, London Training Module 3


Thursday 4-Friday 5, Unwanted! Unloved! Unprotected! – Open workshop with Franz Ruppert
Tuesday 8-Wednesday 9, Private Sessions, London
Friday 11-Saturday 12, Supervision, Utrecht.
Monday 14, Ongoing Men’s Group
Saturday 19-Sunday 20, Who am I? Understanding Identity and Trauma, Open Workshop,
Monday 28- Wednesday 30, Private Sessions, London
31st May Ongoing Support Group


Friday 1-Sunday 3, London Training Module 4
Saturday 9-Sunday 10, Introductory Course, Module 1.
Monday 11, Ongoing Men’s Group
Tuesday 12-Wednesday 13, Private Sessions, London
Friday 15-Saturday 16, Supervision Group, Utrecht
Saturday 30 June – Sunday 1 July, The Body Remembers, Personal issues workshop with Vivian


Monday 9th, Ongoing Men’s Group
Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18, Private Sessions, London
Thursday 19 Ongoing Support Group
Friday 20-Sunday 22, London Training Module 5
Saturday 28-Sunday 29, 28, Who am I? Understanding Identity and Trauma, open workshop.