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Professor Franz Ruppert

Professor Franz Ruppert

For the last time… the final event in the UK with Professor Franz Ruppert…

After 11 years of visiting the UK twice a year to share with us his latest developments in his work with psychological trauma, Franz Ruppert is coming for the last time as he has decided he doesn’t want to travel so much, and he considers that we are up and running with his work in the UK. So this last event is very special:


29th and 30th September and 1st October

at Hawkwood College in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

This event is open to anyone, whether professional or lay person; whether you know you carry trauma or you are concerned for your children.

If you are a professional interested in improving your understanding of trauma dynamics, the greater context of trauma over sometimes several generations, and experiencing a method that really does work, and allows us to access deeply unconscious and preverbal experiences, do not miss this event.

If you are a member of the public and wish to understand your own trauma experiences better, perhaps have an opportunity to work with Franz on your own material… do come. If you need further information contact me.

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Below you will find an interview with Professor Ruppert…


and here is an interview with me by Christine Foong-Wong of Singapore:

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 Handbook frontcover-Version5

becoming your true self – a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy… whereas the heart of things is primarily aimed at those with a professional interest, psychotherapists, counsellors, constellations facilitators, this book is clearly aimed at anyone with a personal interest. You can find out more about it here. Also available through Amazon and the Book Depository (don’t charge for postage).

Front coversm This is the professional text book I wrote in 2013. It is also available through Amazon and the Book Depository.

“I believe that real love and integrity are at the heart of things. Our desire for truth, reality and wholeness, to be fulfilled, social, dignified and loving beings fires in us the will to carry on, to survive traumatic events, and also the will to risk change.

“Facing unresolved trauma requires courage, determination and steadfastness, and I believe that these qualities, along with the potential for a real love of ourselves and our integrity, also lie, often dormant, at the heart of all humans. Such belief in ourselves, that we can transcend our difficulties, is the force of life that is at the heart of us, side by side with unconscious trauma. As much as we may be the victim of trauma, we are also the hero of our life, the rescuer of ourselves; we are our own knight in shining armour fighting our own dragons for the lost and imprisoned parts of ourselves.” (The Heart of Things)