exciting moments from editing Franz’s latest book

I’m editing Franz Ruppert’s next book, Trauma, Fear and Love… and as a ‘taster’ and ‘exciter’ I am giving a few quotes that really appeal to me.

A quote from chapter 6 in Trauma, Fear and Love, due for publication in English in the autumn.

He [the facilitator] has to retain an overview of the whole process, and be able to attribute the contradictions contained in every constellation process to their cause. To do this, he has to be able to differentiate healthy survival parts from traumatised parts in a constellation.”

What an elegant discipline to the facilitator… to be able to attribute all the seeming contradictions in the constellation to a correct cause, through the ability to differentiate what part of themselves a person is functioning from at any time. If a theory has any validity at all it must have the ability to encompass and explain contradictions, not just through interpretation, but strictly from a logical premise… and one that makes sense to the client. If not, the theory has a loophole that needs to be filled with further research.

This may look as though this is the only quote that excited me… it isn’t! It’s just that I’ve been so busy… and not well for a short while, I haven’t got around to putting any more up!

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