exciting moments from editing Franz’s latest book 2

Physical symptoms are the expression of the interaction between the traumatised part of the self and the survival self. Well Franz doesn’t put it exactly like that… this is my thought as a result of the following passage:

“Symptoms of illness reveal something, and at the same time they work to prevent its discovery. They are the expression of the traumatised part that is covered up by the survival strategies. They are a compromise in the conflict between the traumatised parts that want to be seen, and the survival strategies that suppress them.”

This is in a section on trauma and physical illness, and relates to my blog on psychological trauma and physical illness, and develops further my chapter 8.8 in the heart of things entitled ‘trauma and the body’.

But the idea that physical symptoms are the physical expression of the interaction between the trauma self and the survival self is a step further in understanding that excites me. I have for some time said that with any physical illness that isn’t a direct accident (and perhaps accidents may also be included in this) it is always worth considering the role of traumatisation in the background… but this notion brings physical illness right into the centre of what we are working with when we work with trauma. The body is speaking the dilemma, the internal emotional and psychological conflict between expression and suppression of the trauma.



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