On this page you will find a list of practitioners who are students of Franz Ruppert’s work, and are working in the same way. (If you are a practitioner who would like to be listed please click here to apply to have your details on this page).

Each person listed gives a short account of how they work, their professional experience, where they work and their contact details.The only endorsement that this carries is that all these people are known to me as students of Ruppert’s work. Beyond that they must speak for themselves. You are welcome to contact them and they will be very happy to answer your questions.They are all also doing group workshops, and you can find out dates for these workshops here.

Those looking for a therapist can contact any of these people to enquire about their services. All will be very happy to answer your questions, and will understand if you choose not to work with them.

Julia Vaughan Smith:  I have been a student of Vivian Broughton’s and Franz Ruppert’s for the last 6 years, and am now developing my experience facilitating trauma constellations of intent. I primarily work one to one and additionally, will be facilitating small groups during 2014. I am a registered Integrative and Humanistic psychotherapist and Accredited Executive Coach.
Trauma Constellations can be of value to those having problems at work, or with their role, as well as those who are experiencing other difficulties.
Location: Devon/Exeter and London
Phone07780 666508

Jane Cutler: I am a psychosynthesis and psychodynamic psychotherapist, registered with UKCP. I have worked in private practice since 1989. I am in the final year of the Trauma Constellations training with Vivian Broughton, Tore Kval and Franz Ruppert, and am an ongoing student of this work with Vivian Broughton in London.
As well as offering trauma constellations workshops, I work with with trauma constellations with individuals, and offer psychotherapy, mentoring and supervision with individuals, couples and groups,. For details of forthcoming workshops go to my website.
Location: Bristol and South West UK
Web: (currently offline)
Phone: 0117 963 2505

Alexandra Smith: I am a Person-Centred Psychotherapist and I have trained in several other therapeutic practices including Traumatology and PTSD. I have trained with Vivian Broughton for Franz Ruppert’s Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT), and I have worked with both Franz and Vivian. I am a Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, registered with the British Psychological Society, and a member of the UK Psychological Trauma Society. I offer Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoTP) in practices in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and London.
I also facilitate group workshops in a variety of locations. Dates of upcoming workshop are below:
30 January 2016
30 April 2016
9 July 2016
Book direct from my website
Location: London and Buckinghamshire
Phone: +44(0) 7768 116476

Kate Collier: I am a Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counsellor and member of the British Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors, an experienced body therapist and, as an Energy Psychologist, an Advanced Practitioner of EFT and member of AAMET. I first experienced facilitating constellations in 2008 with Bert Hellinger in Kentucky, USA and went on to train in Systemic Constellations in Oxford. I have been running constellations workshops for the last eight years, and have focused on Franz Ruppert’s and Vivian Broughton’s Trauma Constellations work for the last two years. I now work specifically with trauma and the Constellation of the Intention. I have integrated constellations into my counselling in a doctors’ clinic and facilitate 1-1 sessions in my private practice.
Location:Brighton & Hove, Cheltenham.
Claire Newall: I am an experienced Counsellor and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  My core training is in Psychosynthesis, although I also draw on other modalities so that I can tailor the way I work in order to suit the unique therapeutic needs of each individual.
Having both witnessed and experienced the powerful results that can be achieved from using the Constellation of the Intention method, I now offer sessions to both individuals and groups alongside my ongoing one-to-one counselling practice.
My training with Vivian in Multi-Generational Psycho-Traumatology and the Constellation of the Intention is ongoing.
If you would like to find out more or book an appointment then please visit my website.
LocationLondon, near Colliers Wood tube station (Zone 3) on the Northern line. I am also near Phipps Bridge Tram station which is a 7 minute tram ride from Wimbledon tube and main line. Group constellation sessions are held in West London (Northfields tube).
Phone: 07855470519

Maria Green & Lucy Jameson: Our Identity Therapy practice is based in West Sussex, offering group workshops in a quiet rural setting. We have a special interest in the beneficial effects on children and family life when parents address their own bonding and attachment trauma.
Maria completed the international training in Denmark 2013-2015, and we are both ongoing students of Franz Ruppert’s work via Vivian Broughton’s London training, which we also administer.
We live with our husbands and children in an intentional home-life community in Sussex.
We do not currently have availability for one-to-one work.
Location: West Sussex
Phone: 07557 410 381 (Maria) / 07932 074 201 (Lucy)

Ruth Culver:  My core training is as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, working in private practice since 2010 – initially in London and now in St Albans. In my one-to-one work I also integrate other processes that work directly with the subconscious, including Inner Child Therapy, Oaklander Creative Techniques and NLP.  In 2016 I began including Identity Constellations in my one-to-one work with clients, sometimes using the Intention Method with modelling clay or in the sand-tray.  I continue to study IoPT with Vivian Broughton and also now offer IoPT workshops monthly in St Albans and occasionally elsewhere.
Locations: St Albans, North London, Yorkshire.
Phone: 07808 722 841