practitioner applications

If you consider yourself a practitioner of this work, and would like to have your details listed on the links page please contact me giving details of your experience and what you would like to say about yourself.

Please be aware that your listing on this page is dependent on your commitment to IoPT work specifically, to keeping up with new developments in theory and practise, and to you continuing your own personal work with the Intention Method. This is evidenced, not just by peer group attendance, but by your attendance at least once a year at a workshop/seminar with Franz or myself or another practitioner of equal experience and dedication to IoPT and the Intention Method. Attendance at the IoPT conference would also apply.

You webpage entry:

Your statement for the website should be conservative, honest and appropriate to your current ability. Your contact details will be included, plus the region in which you work.

If you are sending me text to be included on this page, please prepare it exactly as the entries already on the page, including links, so that I can simply copy and paste into the webpage. I do not have the time to re-order or edit your text.