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For further information on attendance and costs contact Göksel, +90 533 399 2752; +90 212 245 2942.


The theories and applications originated by Professor Franz Ruppert

With Vivian Broughton

This course aims to provide a comprehensive training in the theoretical work of Professor Franz Ruppert covering the topics of trauma, the trans-generational transmission of unresolved systemic trauma, early attachment as a trauma, and the practical work of the ‘constellation of the intention’, the particular form of the constellations process developed by Professor Ruppert.

Each module will take the form of a two-day workshop.

Reading list:

Franz Ruppert:

  • Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellations: understanding and healing injuries of the soul.
  • Splits in the Soul: resolving traumatic experiences
  • Symbiosis & Autonomy: symbiotic trauma and love beyond entanglements
  • Trauma, Fear and Love (due out January, 2015)

Vivian Broughton:

  • The heart of things: understanding trauma – working with constellations
  • Becoming your true self: a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy

Students may also want to include Vivian’s first book, In the Presence of Many: reflections on constellations emphasising the individual session. Although his book is primarily about family constellations, it includes Ruppert’s work and there is much good information in it about facilitation.


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