the body remembers… trauma & physical illness

The Body Remembers – Physical Illness and Trauma

workshops with Vivian Broughton

2-3 February 2019
6-7 July 2019

Psychological splitting is the primary survival impulse as a result of trauma, and this is held in the body, in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that remain in tension in order to hold the unbearable experience of trauma out of consciousness. All traumatic experiences are experiences of the psyche and the body. The psyche splits off the trauma experience and the body is required to hold the resulting tension… for years, sometimes for a lifetime.

~  Our physical illness may also serve several purposes: keeping us emotionally connected to our family is one, and allowing us to localise in our body those parts of ourselves that we wish to be rid of… as one client said to me “that part of me is like a tumor I would like to cut out of my body”.

~   In my view most physical illness, symptoms that appear in the body, are likely to have their origins in psychological trauma, sometimes very early (even pre-birth or during birth) trauma. It is logical to understand that the body must be the holder of traumatic tension and stress, and in the end this constant holding must result in physical symptoms and eventual physical system breakdown.

~   During this workshop we will work with the Intention Method as a personal exploration, and the theories of trauma developed by Professor Franz Ruppert of Munich University to understand participants’ issues around physical illness, disease and symptoms. We will also have a forum in which to discuss and understand the role of physical distress in relation to personally experienced traumas, even those traumas we do not consciously remember.

~  As a group there will be opportunities to do a personal exploration and to participate in the exploration of others, and to join in the discussion and learning. ‘Working places’ will be decided by ballot over the weekend.

Please be aware that these workshops may involve emotional experiences as the topic is the exploration of personal trauma.

If you are new to this work a good starting book is Becoming Your True Self.

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Full refund less 25% up until 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. You can transfer to a later workshop at no cost up until 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. If the workshop has to be cancelled you will receive a full refund.