Focus on Individual Work

Focus on Individual Work – A Practitioner Seminar

With Vivian Broughton

9-13 April 2019 – To Register Click here.

The object of this event is to focus on the ‘how’ of facilitation of the Intention Method in the private, one-to-one setting. This event aims to provide a forum for theory discussion, and the possibility of live supervision of one’s work with colleagues.

The event offers the opportunity to spend five days at the Centre for Healthy Autonomy in London, with colleagues and friends from several countries who have a shared interest in this topic. It is intended as a forum for those working with the theories and method developed by Professor Franz Ruppert to work and learn together, to hone our facilitation skills, our understanding of the IoPT theory, and to gain live supervision of our individual work. The group will set its own agenda, sharing specific interests, skills and thinking, and have the opportunity to do personal work.

The event will run from 10.00am on Tuesday 9th April 2018 until 2.00 pm on Saturday 13th April. Applicants are required to be familiar with IoPT Theory and working with the Intention Method.

The main Seminar language will be English, but if translation is needed we will do our best to make it available.

If you need to discuss anything about your possible participation please contact me on