Advanced Individual Training

Advanced individual trauma work – in Norway, 8-12 March 2017

While most people think of this work as being done in groups, the individual session is an extremely important part of learning to facilitate and practice this work. Many clients will not come to a group; they may feel that it is too exposing, they may feel ashamed of their issues, or that being a part of a group of many people is too much for them to deal with. In my view the individual session is a crucial part of the practice of this work as developed by Prof Franz Ruppert.

In this five day workshop we will make a focus of understanding ways to transfer the efficacy of this work from its practice in a group to the individual session. We will focus on personal work of the students to understand how best to practice in the individual session. We will also working group in order to reflect on the ways in which the practice can be transferred to the individual session.

8.- 12. March 2017.

Tid: 10.00- 18.00, sunday 10.00-16.00.
Sted: Hv-Huset Oppegård, Skiveien 97, 1410 Kolbotn.

Price: NKr. 6000,- (Norwegian Kroner)

Contact: Tore Kval: +47 9077 1022 email:

Information: Tore Kval.