healthy eating: what does it mean?

Healthy Eating: What does it mean? – a workshop with Vivian Broughton –

25-26 August 2018

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Food is an essential need of life, but our relationship with food, how we eat, how we feel about food, how we use food… all of this comes from very early in our life.

~  I have come to the conclusion that very few of us have a simple, healthy relationship with food. It can represent many things for us apart from its basic function of nourishing us so that we can live happily and easily. Of course when we thing of food issues we usually think of more serious and major definitions of food disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, obseity, binging etc. But all of these ‘diagnoses’ come on a continuum… and my contention is that many of us could find a place on that continuum that shows that food is more than just nutrition.

~  For example, do I ‘comfort eat’? Do I eat when I am stressed? Do I eat food that I know is unhealthy? Do I feel compulsive around food? Do I go ‘unconscious’ when I am eating? Do I obsessively control my eating? Do I think I am over-weight… too thin… unhealthy… a hostage to food… and so on.

~  I think that our relationship with food is directly linked to our earliest relationship… that with our mother. As a baby we want, and need, our mother to love us… that is part of our dependency, and if we do not find an easy, healthy loving relationship with our mother we may fall back on what we do get from her: food. Whether her own milk or whatever food she gives us, it is likely that this will become a substitute for a failing loving bond with her.

~  Another link is the question of what food does my mother eat when she is carrying me? What she eats (and drinks), I eat and drink; her ‘addictions’ become my addictions; her obsessions around food become my obsessions with food.

~   During this workshop we will work with the Intention Method as personal explorations of our relationship with food and with our ‘eating’ self. The contention that I make is in the question:

Do I eat my food from my Healthy Self, or from my Survival Self?

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Please be aware that these workshops may involve emotional experiences as the topic is the exploration of personal trauma.

If you are new to this work you might like to read some of the posts on my blog, a good starting book is Becoming Your True Self which I wrote for my clients.

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