Skills & Supervision – London


This is the first of a series of events for Professional IoPT Practitioners currently working with the Intention Method. The aim of these events is to provide a forum in which we can refine our facilitation skills, apply the IoPT theory intelligently to the practical work that we do, ensuring and maintaining a high level of competence and practice as this work gains in popularity and prominence over the next decade.

We are at a watershed at the moment. Franz Ruppert’s theoretical developments of the last 27 years have now reached a stage of maturity, complexity and comprehensiveness that is outstanding and truly of the twenty-first century. His understanding of trauma, specifically traumas that happen in the earliest pre-birth stages of life, setting the stage for the whole of people’s lives subsequently,  I have no doubt will in time cause a major shift in psychological thinking.

In the meantime the personal interest of individuals in having access to competent, properly informed and skilled practitioners is going to grow exponentially, and we have to ensure that we practitioners do our best work to be able to fulfil this need properly.

We have a responsibility to practice well, to teach well, to learn to supervise ourselves, our peers and our students as best we can, to ensure that we have the best opportunity to do our own personal work so that we can pass that on to our clients.

These Professional Seminars aim to provide a forum in which we can come together to work towards this end. I am very happy to host these events at our new London venue following the hugely successful proto-type event recently organised in Oslo by Tore Kval on Advanced Individual Work. At the moment I have two events planned, see below.

I hope very much to be able to welcome you to the London Centre for Healthy Autonomy for a rich five days of collaborative learning together.